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Jewish women Sara Schenirer

Keep Women in the Picture


Pictured above: Sara Schenirer; Rishel Kotler; Margalit Yosef, Sarah'la, daughter of the Chofetz Chaim;  Henny Machlis; Esther Jungreis; Ruchoma Shain; Batsheva Kanievsky; Chaya Mushka Schneerson


In recent years, editors of some frum publications and media have refused to include pictures of women on their pages. KeepWomenInThePicture collects examples of this policy in action as well as resources and articles that critique it.

Click on the menu above to learn more about the issue and how to take action. 

Jewish Observer Cover
Bais Yaakov class

Pictured above: The cover of The Jewish Observer, 1984; a class picture from a  Bais Yaakov, Poland, early 20th century; a page from Olomeinu.

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